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Making IT work ‘for’ your business?

Most businesses use technology simply because we live in the 21st Century and it is available. But few ever ask smart questions like

What do I actually want my business to achieve?

I wonder how technology can support me in reaching those goals?


The good news is that Brash will help you ask the right questions and, more importantly, find you the answers that work.


IT Support

So much more than standard IT SUPPORT?

Does the word ‘support’ seem just a little bit ‘ordinary’? Wouldn’t real things like relationships, involvement, interest and an investment in understanding your business be more important to you?  Read more

Software Development

DEVELOPING SOFTWARE to solve your problems

Is there a bespoke IT solution that can make your business more efficient and more profitable? Of course there is, but most people do not know how to ask the right questions which will find their own specific ‘YES’.  Read more

Interim Director of IT


Expertise should never come with a cost…And the best advice comes in the form of partnership with an expert who goes out of their way to understand your question.Read more

Cloud Solutions

Advanced CLOUD SOLUTIONS to suit you

The rapid evolution of cloud technology, for both data backup and security purposes or purely to increase operational efficiencies within a business, has left many businesses behind… Read more

Mobile & Tablet Apps

MOBILE and TABLET APPS to fit your niche

Just like any other software application, developing a mobile app can have a significant benefit to your business; whether it is for increasing efficiencies, reducing time and manual interaction, or strengthening customer and employee relationshipsRead more

Mobile & Tablet Apps

Let your phone system do the talking

The ability to communicate with colleagues, wherever they are, either one-to-one or by conference call, is now a business prerequisite. Read more