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Be #RansomAware

Be #RansomAware
Posted on February 20th

Have you heard about the threat which Ransomware is posing to millions of users on a daily basis?


Ransomware has hit the headlines recently from reports that it crippled the D.C. camera network a week before Donald Trump’s inauguration, to hitting hospitals and banks as well as major businesses across all industries.

In its 2017 Annual Threat Report, networking security firm SonicWall said that Ransomware attacks on businesses large and small reached 638 million last year, up from 2015’s 3.8 million.  In fact, the ransomware known as Locky was used in 500 million attacks over the year.

Ransomware is a relatively new criminal activity which takes control of the data on your machines, and locks it away. The only way to recover the data is to pay a ransom.

But in many circumstances, the criminal takes payment, and does not unlock affected machines – leaving them completely useless, with valuable business information and personal data such as photos, irretrievable.

But what can you do to ensure the safety of your IT systems?  We have put together a short Prezi presentation to help you.  View it here

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