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Case Study: 360 Engineering Limited

Case Study: 360 Engineering Limited
Posted on May 27th

The Client

360 Engineering Limited

The cloud becomes home to some really cool air…

360 Engineering Limited is an air conditioning installation business and, like so many other small businesses, was totally reliant on its old server to share and store data whilst also managing its email. The business was in a potentially vulnerable situation if the information held on the server was ever lost. So they called on Brash to come and assess the situation.

A review of the main functions of the business (providing new installations and running maintenance programmes) indicated that giving its field staff remote access to the data would also be really useful. To this end, the entire database was quickly and seamlessly migrated to a highly secure cloud based system. The company now has the peace of mind of knowing that its data is secure and the added bonus that its staff can work from any location, as required.