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Case Study: Cambridge Kitchens and Bathrooms

Case Study: Cambridge Kitchens and Bathrooms
Posted on May 27th

The Client

Cambridge Kitchens and Bathrooms

A kitchen catastrophe required a rebuild…

Cambridge Kitchens and Bathrooms where happily creating beautiful additions within their customers’ homes when suddenly disaster loomed large in their own. An alert indicated that a disk drive in the main server was failing. These servers were located at the Head Office showroom in Cambridge and ran its entire IT system; including connections and back up for the two smaller showrooms. This system is essential for the company’s:

• Email and electronic communication services
• Storage and sharing of all internal and external documents
• Accessing the client database that tracks project progress and new jobs

It was ‘touch and go’ in the kitchen for a while, and the heat was turned up even more as things got worse; but the quick intervention of Brash delivered a fabulous result… plated up and served to perfection.

After quickly arriving on the scene and replacing the disk, the management software still showed a problem with the drive. Taking advice from the server manufacturer a firmware upgrade was successfully carried out to clear the logged faults; but then the server would not reboot. Finally a complete rebuild and restore using backup-sets got the system back up and running with surprisingly little downtime. A great result.