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Case Study: Capital Apartments

Case Study: Capital Apartments
Posted on July 22nd

The Client

Capital Apartments

Back from the blacklist and service improved…

Capital Apartments began to notice disruptions with both their incoming and outgoing emails which quickly threatened to have a significant impact on running their business. In short, they needed to be able to communicate with their clients. After contacting their IT support provider they expected to have the problem sorted out so they could get back to work; but as the time ticked by it became apparent that the solution was being illusive. Eventually the IT support company gave up and said they couldn’t help…

A cry for help led to a recommendation to Brash and we bravely leapt into the fray to tackle the problem (we love a challenge) only to find that it was simply that the company’s domain had been incorrectly blacklisted. After patching the server and restoring the email services, normal service was resumed. In fact, better than normal service because Brash now look after all of their IT support.