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Case Study: Capital Staffing

Case Study: Capital Staffing
Posted on July 22nd

The Client

Capital Staffing

Vital CRM system revived and then nursed back to health

Capital Staffing are a specialist recruitment agency for doctors and nurses and rely heavily on the detailed information contained within their web-based CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system. Having been moved to a Cloud based solution by their previous IT provider there was a problem with the version of SQL Server Enterprise. The issue meant that they could no longer connect to their CRM system, effectively crippling the operation of the business. Brash were called in ‘flashing blue lights blazing’ to try and resurrect the connection. We were able to:

• Uninstall the incorrect SQL Server product
• Install the correct version and reconfigure the database for full connectivity

We have also helped to analyse their current CRM system with a view to introducing better functionality and further streamline and enhance its usability. Needless to say Capital Staffing are now a healthy, happy customer of Brash and enjoy complete support, both on good days and when there is a medical emergency.