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Cybercrime makes headline news on the BBC…

Tuesday mornings are never the best for productivity and despite starting the day with a worthy goal, a proper plan, was going to spend the whole morning working on my business. No distractions. Diary clear. Staff briefed.

But there’s a problem. A big problem.

In my head.

My lizard brain. My ‘inner head trash’. Procrastination kicks in. I find ridiculous things to do in order to avoid tackling the big things.

30 minutes clearing emails. My desk is tidied. A sneaky check on the BBC News site. I’ve even been on Facebook. I lapse into £10 an hour jobs.


Normally procrastination such as this really annoys me as I know it is the disease of the poor.

However for once, checking of the BBC News website may not be such a waste of your time…especially if you click on the technology section, and here’s why…


The US have charged a Russian man thought to be behind millions of attacks on computers around the world via the Gamover Zeus and Cryptolocker threats. They have seized control of a botnet used to steal personal and financial data.

But most importantly for businesses and personal computer users, the UK’s National Crime Agency (NCA) said people probably had “two weeks” before the criminals would get the botnet functioning again and urged users to run checks to protect themselves and their businesses from the threats.

What’s REALLY scary is that these attacks are actually affecting businesses.


It couldn’t happen to YOU – could it?


There are some simple measures that you can put in place that will ensure that you’ll never wake up to this nightmare.


If you’ve got a few minutes, I’d be happy to talk you through them. It’s one of the things that we’re well known for.


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I’ll share with you the little things that you need to do, to make sure you don’t have to deal with the big problems.


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Now back to defeating that procrastination monster!


Have a great day!