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Day six: Speculation, anticipation, preconception and exceeding expectation…

Day six: Speculation, anticipation, preconception and exceeding expectation…
Posted on June 27th

If there is one thing that both running my own business and taking on this challenge taught me, it is that you can only deal with one day at a time. And even if yesterday turned out to be a complete nightmare only a fool would choose to take the same defeated attitude into the following day with them. Treat each day as a new one, build on your victories, learn from tough experiences and determine that you are going to give it your very best.

With that thought in mind, I awoke early in the car park of the aptly named Speculation Inn, in Hundleton, Pembrokeshire looking forward to a great day. All the feelings of disappointment, exhaustion and wanting to give up were well and truly banished to yesterday, and nothing was going to get in the way of today’s adventure.

It was a sunny morning, and we were anticipating a welcome tailwind for the first leg. My body was still in recovery mode, but my mind was focused, and I couldn’t wait to get going – come what may. Simon and I set off on the bikes and, despite initially taking a wrong turning sending us over a mile in the wrong direction, we were soon well on our way to St David’s.

Preconceptions can often surprise you

Starting with the right attitude quickly paid dividends and after a great breakfast in St David’s the sun was still wishing us well as we turned the corner and headed North. Now picture the trading port of Fishguard in your mind for a moment. Unless you have been there before, I imagine that you see a nothing-to-see-here, move on quick type of image – but far from it. This was, without doubt, one of the prettiest little seaside towns we saw on the whole journey; a real gem hidden away just below the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park. But, I reckon that had I arrived here the day before I would probably have missed out on recognising its charms. It’s amazing what a change in perspective can do!

We carried on past Aberystwyth, enjoying the sunny disposition, clear blue skies and sea views to rival any coastline in the world. With just short of 170km on the bikes behind us, we arrived at Borth for a gentle 5km run, bringing us to the start of that day’s swim at Aberdovey.

A sweet finish to a great day…

Not being a strong swimmer, Simon was not keen on the crossing, but he is also easily persuaded. I enjoyed my only ice cream of the entire journey before pushing (not literally) Simon into joining me in the fresh, cool, jelly fish infested waters. The smile on his face as he exited on the other side said it all. Challenges can be daunting; I suppose that is why they are called challenges, but overcoming them is the sweetest savour of all.

Another short cycle ride brought us to a lovely kayak finish crossing from Fairbourne to Barmouth, where my brother, Tony, was waiting on the beach to lead us to a few beers and a fish and chip supper.


Honeyborough to Barmouth:

Total = 214km; Cy cle = 190km; Run = 5km; Kayak = 7km; Swim = 2km