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Diamonds in Style

Diamonds in Style
Posted on October 2nd

Yesterday Santa Claus arrived early.
Nine o’clock yesterday morning the hard drive on my computer failed completely. This is at one of the worst days in the busiest week of the season. After one phone call, Santa looking awfully like Viral, one of your team, was on his way and in my office within an hour.
After working solidly, by 4.00pm he had the machine with all our critical software up and running.
This on its own would be the best support anyone could have possibly expected but I have to say through the course of the year we have repeatedly experienced this level of help and support.
Yesterday’s fiasco has prompted me to write an overdue letter of thanks to everyone at “Brash” for their help, thanks Viral for yesterday and thanks to the rest of the team for all your work.
I would unhesitatingly recommend the “Brash” team to anybody and gladly offer a reference to whoever may need one.

Daniel Raphael, Managing Director,
Diamonds in Style