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Meltdown and Spectre Causing Concern?

Meltdown and Spectre Causing Concern?
Posted on January 8th

You may have read or heard reports across the media about a serious security flaw that is affecting the hardware used to run nearly every computer. The flaws may sound like the name of popular Spy movies, but they are no science-fiction. They already have their own logo and webpage in an attempt to communicate to as many people as possible about the potential impact that Meltdown and Spectre could bring.

The problem was identified on popular hardware processing chips used to power computers and now nearly 90% of all home, office computers, servers, servers in the Cloud, Smartphones and tablets are at risk of being compromised by malicious hackers.

The bugs allow hackers to potentially access and read information stored on a computer, and in the worst case scenarios steal a person’s passwords, personal data or credit card information.

You can read full details on the vulnerabilities at

Because it is impactable to replace the hardware on the estimate billions of computers affected, the manufactures have released emergency software updates that they hope will fix the problems.

If your devices are currently managed by Brash Solutions then these updates will be applied by us, automatically, as part of the service agreement.

However, if you have personal devices or computers outside of contract, we recommend that you follow the manufactures guide to updating these immediately.

It is also worth knowing that Microsoft are initially only providing support to their latest Operating System, Windows 10. If your computers are not running these, then the New Year is a perfect time to think about bringing all your systems inline and up to date.

As with every new bug that is reported and fix is released, the advice remains to run the newest Operating Systems, install all critical updates as soon as they are released and be wary of fraudsters trying to exploit the situations.

As always, if you require advice or support, please contact us.