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Password Manager

Password Manager

Do you have multiple passwords for multiple websites that you regularly forget? A password manager is a secure vault that generates and remembers all your passwords so you only have to remember one — the master password for access to the vault.


A password manager generates super-strength passwords and saves them in a secure vault for easy access. Using innovative technology, the Password Manager creates new, long and completely random passwords with every log on to every account.  Not only does this mean that security is greatly increased but you will also never need to remember or type a password again.  The vault will automatically copy and paste the passwords into apps and websites for you.

Brash Secure Password Manager:

  • Stop forgetting your passwords, save them securely
  • Generates superstrong passwords anytime you need
  • Keeps your credit cards safe and ready for checkout
  • Protects your private notes and other text data
  • Enables you to securely share your passwords and logins
  • Syncs your encrypted data across all your devices and browsers


Why sharing passwords via email, notes, or texts on your phone isn’t a good idea?

Because anyone sitting at your teammates’ desks can access them.
Because email and written notes aren’t secure.
Because you don’t have control over resending and resharing passwords.
Because not everyone who uses a password needs to know what it is. Sticky Password types it for them. You set the access levels.
Because Sticky Password makes sure your passwords are strong and up?to?date.

Why using your web browser to save passwords is not a good idea

You can not see them on other computers/devices
Because anyone sitting at your computer desk can access them
They are not stored securely, there are simple tools that can be used to extract the passwords
Google has some good security features, alerting you to unusual logins that helps, but ultimately, if your Google account is compromised, so are all your username and passwords.

The BRASH Money Back Guarantee:

We promise that if you do not find significant improvements in your service within the first month of using us to review and support your IT we will not charge you at all…

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