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Bonkers Brash: 10 Business Lessons We Learnt Along The Way:

Bonkers Brash: 10 Business Lessons We Learnt Along The Way:
Posted on February 20th

Many of you will now be fully aware that in July 2016 Richard ‘Bonkers’ Brash decided to travel 4,130km around the British coastline cycling, running, swimming and kayaking.  Whilst it was a mammoth test of endurance, strength and stamina it also threw up some interesting scenarios applicable to the business world.

Here’s the top 10 lessons we learnt along the way:

  1. One of the best questions you can ever ask is ‘Why?’ The questions that challenge limitations truly are the ones that open up the boundaries of potential.
  2. No matter how much you know, or how talented you are, it is commitment which turns opportunities and possibilities into been-there-done-that achievements.
  3.  The true test of a plan is how adaptable it can be. No matter how much you’ve seen, are taught, or read from other people’s experiences nothing can prepare you for doing it yourself.  Change is inevitable.
  4. Sometimes plans are not perfect, but if the goal is important enough stopping is not an option.Whatever comes against you, however hard, just get through the day and everything will look better in the morning.
  5. You can’t overestimate the power of friendship and support. Whenever you possibly can, make sure a helping hand is at your side.
  6. In business, you really cannot grow, move forward or make the changes that you need to on your own. It is imperative that you have good people all around you.
  7. Set your sights on the target and be prepared to get your head down and peddle ‘for as long as it takes’until you get there.
  8.  There is nothing which sets you up for a good day or a strong performance quite like coming off the back of hitting a deadline.  One of the secrets to motivating yourself through those mammoth efforts is dwelling on the knowledge that the victory will taste sweet and the ‘future you’ will appreciate your effort.
  9. Expect the unexpected, in fact, totally embrace the unexpected. Not all surprises are good ones, but they mostly represent excitement, adventure, opportunity and learning: good or bad. The attitude with which you face everything, planned or unplanned, determines the result that you achieve at the other side.
  10.  You cannot get it right first time. You can go to business school, earn diplomas, shadow a mentor, read books, study the experts and make the best business plan but in the end, you still need to walk the walk.

Take the plunge and prove to the world that you can!