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babblevoice – VoIP Telephones


Let your phone system do the talking:

The ability to communicate with colleagues, wherever they are, either one-to-one or by conference call, is now a business prerequisite.

If you are looking for a new business telephone system for your office which enables colleagues to work from home, from an office, from clients’ premises or even on the move, we have the solution: Babblevoice is a virtual switchboard, which means you don’t have to worry about hardware – you can concentrate on growing your business. And as an authorised reseller, Brash can help you through the entire process.

Whether you need two phones or several thousand, babblevoice is perfect for you. As your organisation grows, you no longer need to rent additional phone lines. When you have extra demand, such as a telemarketing campaign or a seasonal rush – babblevoice and Brash will handle the changing demand. Your customers need never encounter an engaged tone ever again.

At its heart, babblevoice is a sophisticated telephone switchboard, which means that callers receive a professional experience when they call your organisation. The software does all of the hard work, so you don’t have to. The central idea is that everything runs via the internet – which brings a host of advantages.

Naturally, all of the telephony features you’re familiar with are available with babblevoice. What’s more, there are a host of great new features which will help your business grow. For example, babblevoice can read your online calendar and handle calls appropriately, whilst the dialler will auto-dial the number and update your CRM system automatically.

If you have colleagues who travel, visit clients and are always on the go, they will love the way in which babblevoice works the way they do. They can plug their babblevoice phone into any internet connection in the world and it will appear that they are sitting in your office. They can make and receive calls externally, or use internal extension numbers. You can rent phone numbers for any geographic region in which you want to be represented. If you want a local phone number for every major city, no problem. You can of course also keep your current phone numbers.

As opposed to having bulky physical equipment, such as PABXs, babblevoice comprises software which you can access over the internet. The benefits include free babblevoice-babblevoice phone calls, lower telephone bills and business benefits. The total cost of ownership is the lowest in the industry.

For the technically minded, babblevoice is a cloud based, hosted VOIP business telephone system which uses the open SIP standard. And what’s more, with babblevoice, there are no contractual obligations whatsoever. If you don’t like it, just walk away.

Babblevoice: the flexible, fun & free(ish) business phone system, with no monthly fee or minimum contract. Includes a switchboard, automated dialler & CRM integration. There is no purchase cost, no maintenance cost, no monthly fee and no catch. We use it and we love it! Why not try it out for yourself? You can experience the benefits right now, for yourself, without obligation by clicking here or giving our experts at Brash a call on 01442 877555.