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Cloud Solutions

The sky’s the limit with the CLOUD

The rapid evolution of cloud technology, for both data backup and security purposes or purely to increase operational efficiencies within a business, has left many businesses behind. The simple truth is that the cloud is not appropriate for every business, but in most cases it can have a positive impact on cash flow, time-saving and peace of mind along with many other valuable benefits. The question is, will it work for your business?


Don’t let a lack of knowledge CLOUD your judgement

As with all technology which you employ to assist your business the key to getting the best from the cloud lies in understanding your circumstances and the goals that you are aiming to achieve. Having identified these targets or requirements, our expertise will then align these objectives with the capabilities available through the cloud and also uncover other possibilities which you perhaps were not aware of. This business-led process is the only way to truly make the cloud work for you.

So before you make any judgement or decision on using the cloud for your business, please come and have a discussion with our experts and let them answer all of your questions. If you do decide that the many benefits of using the cloud to help run your business are worth pursuing then those same technicians will make sure that the migration is seamless and requires the minimum of disruption to your daily business operations. We will then be on-hand to provide complete support and maintenance as needed to ensure that the cloud gives you the best possible results.

10 down to earth reasons why the ‘cloud’ could hold your silver lining

  1. Time is Money – and instant access ‘anywhere’ from ‘any device’ will save you time
  2. Efficient Upgrades – meaning better integration and less glitches
  3. Lower Energy Usages – extending your equipment life and helping the environment
  4. Higher Processing Power – making everything faster and more efficient
  5. Work Anywhere – internet access on all of your mobile devices
  6. Customisation – applications can be built in the cloud to match your needs
  7. Business Growth – the cloud is limitless, meaning you have room to grow
  8. Instant Access – to your calendar, email, apps, conferencing and file sharing
  9. Microsoft Office – create, store, edit and collaborate anywhere
  10. Total Security – the cloud protects all of your data privacy and information

Brash refuse to tie you down to a contract! Our clients use us because of what we do not because they have to…

The BRASH cloud solutions offer:

Get ahead by letting us migrate your business to the cloud and receive one FREE office 365 account for a year.

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