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Consultancy & Interim IT Director services

Expertise should ‘never’ come with a cost…

And the best advice comes in the form of partnership with an expert who goes out of their way to understand your question. No one will ever know your business better than you; so to understand the solution, support or advice that you need, our investment will first be to fully understand you and your needs. Then and only then will our technology expertise truly add value to your business and find solutions that work.


Advice that pays for itself is priceless

The problem with most IT companies is that they are IT companies. They think in terms of bytes, RAM and high resolution rather than addressing what it is that you, their client, actually need the technology to do for them. Only by first building relationships, being genuinely interested and getting involved in the ultimate goal that you are looking to achieve can smart, informed and correct advice be offered. And it is amazing how powerful the right technology solution can be; often over and above the most expensive.

Giving great advice on technology in business is fundamentally about understanding the business first. And years of experience servicing multi-sector clients with turnovers from £100k to £10m is the true foundation stone of our success. We are, of course, very good with technology as well.

Advice on technology should always be relevant, informed, jargon-free, efficiency-led and given by someone you trust. So don’t simply replace or upgrade; give us a call, tell us what it is that you would really love to be able to achieve and then watch us find you the very best solution that today’s technology has to offer.

“Richard is superb to work with. He goes the extra mile to make sure that he’s found the solution that works for your business. He has a highly knowledgeable and personable team to back him up. I would have no hesitation in recommending Richard and Brash to any company when looking for IT services and consulting.”
Chris Baranov, Financial & Technical partner, Rickaby & Co.

Your question could be about:

  • Managing business growth
  • Facilities management
  • Back-up systems – Cloud based and hard drive
  • App development
  • Bespoke software development
  • Achieving compliance and legal requirements
  • Effective invoicing or customer contact systems
  • Efficient user training
  • Making the web work for you
  • Telecoms systems
  • Printing services
  • Audio-visual installations
  • Security systems
  • Or any other business matter…

Or perhaps you would like to take consultancy onto the next level and talk to us about our Interim IT Director service. Then you would benefit from full partnership with the experience and expertise of an IT company that truly gets under the skin of its clients’ business.

Brash refuse to tie you down to a contract! Our clients use us because of what we do not because they have to…

The BRASH Consultancy offer:

We will give you a FREE review of your IT systems and if we cannot identify at least two areas of genuine improvement we will give you Microsoft Office 365 Free for a year.

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