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Mobile and Tablet Apps

APPsolutely the right thing to do…

Just like any other software application, developing a mobile app can have a significant benefit to your business; whether it is for increasing efficiencies, reducing time and manual interaction, or strengthening  customer and employee relationships. But designing the right app to fit your purpose and considering issues such as security and ongoing development from the outset are the key to maximising your return on investment.


This is one case where following the crowd is smart

There seems to be an app for everything these days and everyone is getting on the bandwagon. But there should be no surprise in this because the mobile app market was reported to have generated over $30 billion in revenues for businesses by the end of 2012. So whether you are trying to improve internal processes such as employee communications, monitoring or data-input saving or looking to enhancing your customers experience with your business, there will be an app which can help you to achieve your goals. Or perhaps you are looking to develop an app as a new product or an add-on to an existing one which you can sell to your customers; well getting this absolutely right could open up huge revenue opportunities for your business.

Being a highly innovative, business-led technology company Brash is perfectly positioned to work with its clients to develop apps which are ‘designed for’ and therefore totally ‘fit for’ purpose. As with all our development projects we make sure that we understand the motive and ultimate goal of each customer first so that the perfect solution can be built. This takes into account your short-term goals and investigates any future developments which might take place in your business or market. In addition to a very strong attention to the security of yours and your client’s critical corporate data, this business-led approach ensures the best results for the most cost effective investment.

When it comes to mobile app development ‘following the crowd’ is definitely a smart thing to do… and overtaking the crowd is even smarter!

The potential for mobile apps is limitless but here are some of the areas where app technology has been used:

  • To feature a client’s products and services
  • For social media integration; such as Facebook & Twitter
  • Transfer data dynamically from an app to existing backend systems
  • Third party API (application programming interface) integration
  • Manage products and offers with local (find my nearest) map pages and listings
  • Custom built calculators and data capture forms
  • Augmented reality development
  • Bespoke media players and streamers
  • In-app purchases and subscriptions

Brash refuse to tie you down to a contract! Our clients use us because of what we do not because they have to…

The BRASH mobile app offer:

When we develop your first mobile or tablet app for you we will give you two months IT support totally FREE of CHARGE

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